Leader (Missions)
Courtney Moore
The leader’s job is to manage all of the quests given to the party. This includes who to talk to, what tasks have been completed and which tasks remain, what places to go, as well as the timeline of all the quests. The leader also takes on the role of Cartographer, mapping the best route for the party to accomplish their missions. The leader maintains the Missions within the Wiki and the places on the maps.

Historian (Adventure Log)
Anthoney Deaver
The historian’s job is to log a journal of the adventure so far. For each session, they provide an entry of what events occurred, the information that was learned, and any discoveries that were made. The historian mains the Adventure Log.

Treasurer (Inventory)
Pierre Blanc
The treasurer’s job is to keep track of the party resources, such as coin, artwork, gem, artifacts or anything the party maintains the property of collectively. Personal resources are maintained by individual characters, such as XP, ammunition, faction renown, ration or anything that pertains to an single person. The treasurer is also in charge of exchanging goods for coin when necessary. The treasurer maintains the Inventory within the Wiki.

Coordinator (Calendar)
Rebecca Plante
The coordinator’s job is keeping the party together. They maintain communication between party members. They arrange times when party members are able to assemble to continue onto the quest and which members are going to require an extended rest. The coordinator maintains the Calendar and contact communication.

Trainer (Downtime)
Chase Plante
The trainer maintains the downtime hours allocation, life-style choices and downtime training progress. The trainer ensures that party members are honoring the requirements of their faction and are advancing within their ranks. The trainer maintains the Downtime within the Wiki and the Factions within the Wiki.

Lawyer (Forum)
Michael Lockwood
The lawyer maintains the rules for the group. The rules include game rules (such as 5th edition’s Players Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide), rules within Adventurers League, rules within the adventure series and any house rules. The lawyer is responsible for investigating rules clarification within text if available, or by other means including online search, forums, social or contacting Wizards Support directly. The lawyer maintains the Forums.


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