Play Style


We will only dole out the treasure that is listed in the adventure. I want this to be a lower magic-world. Acquiring magical items should be a unique and wonderful experience, and each item that you own should be coveted. I want players to be effective but not overpowered. I also want magical items to be something that enhance your current abilities, not something that you specifically build your character on.

I want this to be a fast-paced game. I don’t want to lose a lot of time to counting squares, detailing exact position over another, pouring over pages of options, and generally slowing the game down. A lot of good decisions made quickly is often more valuable then a few perfect decisions in this system. I will allow time to slide past your turn if it takes too long. I have also listed rules for dice rolling under courtesies to help speed the game up. I would like everyone to have more turns more often and really be able to get into the game. This edition is specifically designed for a lot of quick, short encounters strung together between rests.

The adventure will take on a deliberative narrative fee, unlike a dungeon delve session. There will be descriptions of the surroundings for your senses, information about lore, characteristics about NPCs. I do want lots of combat as well, and we will be supporting random encounters because they add to the narrative. During combat, I’d like us to be descriptive about what actions we take and what we see when they are taken. Also realize, that your character may not make the best or most effective choice at times, but they should behave in accordance with their traits and flaws. The campaign should feel like your characters are living an adventure.

We will be managing inventories explicitly. Ammunition, number of travel days, exhaustion, rations, foraging and tracking will all be encountered. I do not want this to be a super-gritty, stuck in math adventure, but I do want a small level of grit to add to the effect. Managing time and the sequence of events will also be required and have an impact on decision-making. Encumbrance will also be enforced, so make sure you have a means to carry or store your goods.

Selling of items will adhere to the Players Handbook, including the use of vendors that require bartering. Sometimes you will overpay if you really want or need something, and others you will get a discount for favor gained or renown. Vendors that have what you are looking for are going to be based on the town, the larger the town the greater the likelyhood it’s available there. You may have to give up travel days to acquire something in another town if its really important you have it.

The treasurer of the party may require a reasonable set of dues by party members be contributed to “party-coffers”. The treasurer sets this value at a rate accepted by a majority ruling of the party. This level can be modified every 10-days.

During combat, I encourage creative choices, so long as its not creativity for the sake of being creative, but rather is based directly in context of the story. I will create resolutions for how your creative options interact with the game world. During exploration and social interactions, I will also reward creative play that aligns with your character’s description with Inspiration. Help tell the story as well.

Play Style

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