Obsidian Portal
I expect everyone to contribute to the Obsidian Portal site. This should be a community of interaction for our entire campaign. Part of the fun of DMing is getting to use the the maps, the tokens and the tools. Participation in the Forum, Calendar, Adventure Log, Wiki, Characters and Maps are all required. I also expect everyone to have follow consistent formatting patterns to make it easier to read. We are storing all the information for our campaign here.

I want this to be a very lore heavy campaign. I want everyone to know about the history of the setting, the character and threats of the realms, the layout of the lands. As a part of the exploration, we will learn about the canon, and I am holding players accountable for lore that is passed along.

During actual game-play, we want the focus on the story-telling of the game and to remain in the context of the situation, (aka – stay in character). Side jokes for a quick laugh take us out of the game. It is fun to laugh and catch up during set up, during breaks and afterwards, but when we are on a story thread, please keep side-talking and quick jokes to yourself.

Respect the space on the table, which is limited. Don’t let your area encroach unfairly on other players areas. While the use laptops are encouraged in order keep the information on Obsidian Portal, no laptop on the table please, though using side tables is OK. Please don’t look behind the DM screen, and respect the horizontal line from the edge of the DM screen back as the DM’s space.

Everyone should have their dice sorted in some efficient manner, either most commonly used, or by die type, in order to minimize delay in picking up dice. Players should roll attack and damage dice together. Rolling the dice in hand should only last a brief moment before being dropped on the table. Never hide your roll or pick it up quickly. Never roll unless you are asked to roll or you are making an attack. Do not roll from too low to the table, nor too high. Do not “splash the pot”, in other words, roll your dice in front of you or near the middle of the table, but not in a manner that would send your dice somewhere inconvenient or on a long roll. Avoid “rolly-polly” dice. Never touch another player’s dice.

The schedule will be listed here and only here. If you intend to show up, please confirm using the Calendar here.

Everyone player is expected to provide to the session at least one snack of any sort.

Everyone has an assigned seat, so sit there during the sessions. This helps making the flow easier and consistent for the DM, and helps provide a certain flow at the table.

We are following a strict adherence to the fifth edition rules as well as the Adventurers League rules for this campaign. I am a rules lawyer and I like to have the rules followed. However, within the rules, I also encourage creative solutions. This also means that the number of house rules will be very limited, if any at all, which will would be listed in this Wiki.

06:00pm – Arrive: place food and take your seat
06:05pm – Socialize: catch up with each other
06:15pm – Prepare: take your seat, set up your materials
06:20pm – Announcements: information, reminders, tips
06:30pm – Recap: cover recent progress and current goals
06:45pm – Play
12:00pm – Begin wrap up
12:15pm – End session
12:30pm – Clean up (optional for players)

Have a table tent for each character. Every character should have a token. Players are going to be required maintain conditions and indicators at the table. Players are required to maintain their own initiative order.

The plan is to use Dungeon Tiles throughout the adventure. In addition, a strong effort will be made to discourage players from counting squares. Regarding the use of terrain, the goal is to use the visual environment as a guideline for movement and relative space, but we want to keep pacing up. There is no flank or direct advantage by number ‘X’ number of squares. Your character is either engaged with another character or not. We can fill in the gaps more quickly this way.

I do not want a synergistic party. It’s OK to have a party that works together to overcome challenges, but the party should not be specifically designed to cover every “gap”. A party with certain weaknesses has a better story to tell. Since this is designed to be more narrative, creating a memorable experience is more important that a dominant one.

The party will be required to have a traveling name. This can be determined over the course of play.

I will lean over to kiss Rebecca from time to time mid-game.


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