Optimizing for the purposes of power-gaming, or exploiting rules or chained-synergy is not only discouraged, but it is forbidden. Even if something may be legal, if the term “cheesy” could be applied to it by a fair majority of players, it is not allowed. The intent of the campaign is not to maximize numbers, but to live in part of a world that has an arc and overcome adversity.

During levels 1-4, if you belong to a faction, your faction will spend the gold required to perform the “Resurrection” (1000gp) spell on you once, as long as part of your body can be recovered and brought to a town with a faction presence or healer practiced in the art. Beyond that, you or your party will need to find a healer to perform the “Raise Dead” spell and pay the gold directly (500gp), as long as they are able to do so within 10 days and creature is not missing any integral organs or body parts. If they are not able to do this, your character dies permanently. If your character dies permanently, the party may return to town to acquire another ally that you would play. In doing so, you would be creating a new first level character. The party may impart any gold or equipment they choose to on you.

Retraining during levels 1-4 is permitted within your class. This includes ability scores, skill proficiency, spell selection, feats, class features and languages. This does not include race or sub-race, the class itself, sex, name or background. Starting at level 5, retraining is only allowed within the options specifically granted by your classes.

Another option for retraining is by spending a set number of down-time days to retrain certain aspects as listed in this list:
-10 days, switch a background feature
-20 days, switch an ability score improvement
-30 days, switch a feat
-40 days, switch a class feature
-50 days, switch a skill proficiency
-60 days, re-spend your 27 ability score points
-70 days, switch a class level (except 1st level)

Every character is expected to have some weakness they must overcome. This simplest form of a weakness is by having an 8 for an ability score at first level. It is perfectly acceptable to improve on that ability score by using feat choices or ability score improvement as granted by your class. If you do not wish to have an 8 for a starting ability score, you will need to provide an acceptable alternate weakness with an in-game mechanic your character must endure or work to overcome. From a story stand-point, it is much more interesting when a hero has a vulnerability and must rely on their other strengths to get through. I don’t want to prevent the generalist character however, which is why the exception-rule exists.


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