Tyranny of Dragons

Construction Ahead

Edward Gursk
Elyria Wolfsbane
Lucas Higgs (Bosun)
Sven Evenhand
Tairen Lairoth

My name is Lucas Higgs, also known as “Bosun” for some strange reason. Emotions and confusion swirl within my head as I try to come to grasp my rebirth. Azerjhan has suggested that I review this log and to make a few log entries with the expectation that I would regain, at least, part of my previous memories. I’m dubious about it, but I’m willing to try anything at this point.

The first thing I remember is awakening in a strange place, a wagon at rest for the night. I blinked my eyes and sat up, waves of pain rolled through my head. Air burned red tinged, white hot in my lungs as I drew desperate breaths. My panicked actions awoke those around me. They seemed to know me, with the exception of one individual named Sven. He made it rather clear that he distrusted my horns and tail. Apparently, they are new additions from the rebirth. But, on the whole, they remained cordial and seem willing to help me understand what happened to me.

The next day we arrived at what appears to be our destination, Waterdeep. The wagons of the caravan joined a long line of other wagons awaiting inspection by city authorities. Three of the wagons that we have expressed interest split from the caravan to move north through Waterdeep to an unknown location. The rest of the caravan turned to a road that would eventually take them to a major market plaza. This, naturally, left us in an unenviable position. We could hardly follow the cult wagons openly and still maintain the charade that we were simple merchants. Yet, we risked losing the wagons in the city if we tarried over long.

Jemna offered to assist in following the cult wagons and we agreed to meet at the aforementioned plaza in six hours’ time to discuss what to do next. I needed to outfit myself in more usable garb than what I had owned previously. Luckily, my former self had been quite proficient, if not overly thrifty, in his, my, duties as a bard. As such, I was able to outfit myself with a new set of splint mail and a great sword. Something compelled me to seek out the Order of the Gauntlet in Waterdeep, but I ran out of time before I could locate them.

Returning to the plaza, Jemna and company quickly outlined what they discovered. The cult wagons had rolled into the yard of the High Road Charter Company. The High Road, leading north, had been destroyed and the HRCC had been contracted out to reclaim it from the Mere and restore it for safe travel. We sold our current goods and took up residence in an inn across the street from the HRCC yard. The walls around the yard were high and attempts to glean information by climbing on to the roof of the inn were unsuccessful. We finally elected to take the more direct path, through the front door.

As we entered the yard, we noticed the cult wagons; however, they appeared to be empty and we didn’t have a chance to look closer at them. All around us were wagons and supplies, food and tools, timbers for rebuilding bridges and raw rock to pave the new surface. We were introduced to Ardred Briferhew, the current foreman for the HRCC and leader of a convoy heading north to the current worksite to relieve the crew that was already there.

A few of us were able to sign on as guards for the wagon; however, the caravan was flush with guards and Briferhew was in need of laborers. I, and a couple others, signed on as such. We were told to finish up our business in town and join the caravan tomorrow for departure to the north.

The journey north was quiet, if eventful. We were set upon three times, bandits, ogres, giant frogs and the like, but rarely did it offer a challenge and broke the monotony of the travel. After 10 further days of travel, we arrived at the Carnath Roadhouse. The roadhouse is a two story affair, sturdily built and recently repaired. We entered the courtyard and begin to help unload the cargo.

As we unloaded, we noted that a few of the crates were being directed to locations that were unusual. Bags of sand, rock and tools were being stored in their respective places in storerooms, but these crates were being taken into the strong room. We attempted to take one of these small crates to the strongroom, but were quickly directed to carry the remainder of the items, leaving the crates to others.

As the wagons were finally unloaded, the camp superintendent, a half-orc known as Bog Luck, addressed us as a crowd. He described the rooming arrangements and expectations for the roadhouse. They were simple, keep to yourself and rest while you are here. The job is difficult, but the rewards are fair, generous even.

As we began to disperse, a woman from the wagons that we identified as the cult shrieked across the courtyard at Azujhan. She held the impression that our dragonborn friend had been responsible for the death of her friend. She challenged him, his manhood and his honor. It was obvious; the cultist was seeking a fight. I laid a hand on Azujhan’s arm and turned to the cultist. I needed to prove my worth to the group and, even though I hadn’t known him long, my time with Azujhan had convinced me that he was no murderer. A killer, yes, but aren’t we all? You don’t take the job we have in this world and expect to come away clean. But cold blooded murder? Impossible!

I drew my blade and squared my shoulders for the inevitable assault. She was skilled, I have to grant her that. A few of the blows she landed stung as they breeched my defenses. However, the might of Torm, Tyr and Ilmater seared through my body and my arms and I was unstoppable. In short order, another cultist lay at my feet.

I whisked the blood from my blade with a quick flick of the wrists and returned to my ready stance. I expected the remainder of her crew to beset me, having taken her out. However, none of these did more than cast dangerous, hateful glares at me before they moved to retrieve the body of their comrade.

In all honesty, from here, the details are hearsay. I retired to the stables, which were both drier and more comfortable to rest. While the rest of the crew was friendly, I still find it awkward and had elected to spend my time to myself.

From what I can piece together, two of our members had gotten curious and decided to sneak into the strongroom to investigate the diverted crates. While they were there, they were attacked by a group of lizardmen that entered through a disguised trap door. Jemna frantically roused me from my sleep and I followed her directions to the strongroom. I only had time to grab my sword, my faith in Torm, Tyr and Ilmater would simply have to serve as my armor.

The fight was winding down as I entered and the crew had acquitted themselves honorably. Elyria was badly injured, but was quickly roused. We finished off the remainder of the Lizardfolk.

We followed the tunnel they had emerged from, it wound down from the strongroom to the edge of the Mere. Tracks and boxes showed that this area was well travelled. Obviously, we intend to investigate further.

The road to Waterdeep
Session 7

== The Party ==
Azujhan Yarjrev – Dragonborn Monk
Edward Grusk – Half-Orc Barbarian
Elyria Wolfsbane – Wood Elf Ranger
Tairen Lairoth – Human Necromancer
Sven Evenhand – Half-Elf Rogue

== The Story ==
My illness has passed.

Many thanks to Bosun for taking up my log of these adventures. Speaking of Bosun, he has disappeared. There are no signs of a struggle and it doesn’t look as though he left, all his things were still in the tent in the morning.

However that is a puzzle for another time. For now we must finish the mission before us and do what we can against the Cult.

As we began the day Elyria noticed a couple of guards approach the Cultists in the group of wagons in front of us. They spoke for a few minutes but seemingly nothing came of it as they left with their bowls full. Not sure if they were trying to share food or bribe or what. Either way it didn’t work out they way they expected I guess. Later both Elyria and I noticed the guard at wagon two getting angry at his horses and mistreating them. We said or did nothing at this point other than indicate to each other to keep our eyes out for further abuse.

Which was fairly swift in coming. Later during the day the same guard began begging the caravan master to stop for a break as he was out of water. The Caravan Master, not wanting to stop for something that should have been resolved in the morning (no reason to run out of water during the day) refused. The guard, again angered, fell back in line with the horses of the wagon he was guarding and began taking water from their containers. When the caravan stopped for the night we noticed he refusing to care for or feed the animals. Though it was cruel we still did nothing, choosing not to cause a scene at this point.

That decision would be made for us in the morning. Again with a fair amount of cursing the guard refused to tend or care for the horses complaining about having to deal with the ‘filthy animals’. A few hours after everyone got moving it became apparent that we had only noticed a tiny amount of the abuse. The horses started to stumble and slow. Again the guard got angry and began whipping the animals until they finally stopped. As we rode up the Master of the wagon came out. He too was angered and began whipping the guard.

We stopped him before he killed the guard, but it didn’t sit well. After a few moments of rather heated discussion he called out his passengers, a knight and mage. After more heated discussion he demanded they ‘take care of us’ and the mage and knight took up positions between him and us.

I tried to make it clear that we didn’t want to fight but that we couldn’t tolerate the wagon owner treating the horses that way. It was causing an issue with the caravan but slowing down everyone. The other caravan members supported us and even the caravan master began to see out point of view.

Finally Sven, who to the point had stayed without wagon and complained about our efforts to help the horses made an offer to the wagon owner. He would loan a couple of horses to pull their wagon. They would not be allowed to whip the horses and we would feed and care for them. Removing all responsibility from the wagon owner and the guard.

They accepted the deal and we made the switch. I like how Sven volunteered us to tend the horses attached to the wagon as well as the mistreated ones we now had.

During the trip Sven began to notice that one of the Cultist guards had been watching Edward, stealing glimpses and trying to get a better look at him. As we talked it over at camp one night Sven also mentioned that the last couple days that particular guard had been isolating himself from the rest a bit more and suspected that whatever the guard thought he knew he hadn’t told the others yet.

We choose that night to sneak into their wagons and attempt to spy on the guard to see what was going on. Using my Ki I was able to cast a silence spell on Elryia, Sven, and myself. We crept under the wagons and carefully made our way into each, examining the interior. While there we learned why the Cult guards always seemed fresh and alert, they had a rotating sleep schedule. There was always two or three guards asleep at any time.

As we were leaving we heard two guards having a conversation. Sven signaled that one of them was the guard that he had noticed watching Edward. Having learned the sleep rotation we knew that he would be entering the wagons in a few minutes to begin his sleep cycle.

Once he did Elryia crept in to learn what he knew. I’ll skip the details on what happened, but needless to say neither Sven nor I will ever forget.

When it was all said and done she had elicited a promise from him not to reveal that he knew Edward had been on of the adventurers fighting in Greenest.

A couple days later we came across an interesting sight. Up ahead was a head lying in the middle of the road. As Elyria and I rode up to investigate we realized it was more than just a head, rather someone had been buried up to their necks in the dirt unconscious but alive. As we approached we noticed the word ‘Oathbreaker’ painted across his forehead. After reviving him he told us that he had promised to marry a woman but broke off the engagement when he learned her father and brothers were bandits and that he was expected to join their group.

I didn’t fully buy this but he wouldn’t give any more information. It was obvious that he wouldn’t last much longer exposed like he was so I opted to dig him out, much to Svens dismay.He did nothing but once again complain.

Turned out that the story the man gave while buried was just a cover. He was in fact a Harper on the same mission as us. He had left Balders Gate a few days ahead of us in a caravan containing Rezmir. Now we knew that the black half dragon was only a few days ahead of us. I managed to help Carlen secure a position as a caravan guard after explaining the the caravan master that the ‘Oathbreaker’ painted on his forehead was merely intended to teach him a lesson, not as a permanent solution.

A few days later, as we exited the Troll Claws a forest of mushrooms essentially sprang up around us. They grew faster enough that I could just see it happening.

Elyria identified them as Mycetium, a poisonous mushroom and everyone froze in their tracks. We tried not to breath in the spore that were release when the front guards accidentally crushed two of them, causing a horrid moaning sound.

Not knowing what else to do since no one could move without crushing a mushroom I investigated further. Turned out they were simply Mycelium, a relative of the Mycetium but non-poisonous, that grew just under the surface and spread everywhere. I explained this to the rest of the caravan, but many were too over come with the moaning (including Sven, Edward and Tarien) to do anything other that block their ears. I cleared out a bit of the trail using my fire breath and, along with those not cowering in their wagons, cleared out the rest of the path so the wagons could get through.

The next day the Cultist guard that had recognized Edward appeared at the back of our wagon. Our first reaction wasn’t pleasant and he nearly lost a limb or two but he quickly explained that he wanted our help in escaping the Cult. His name was Lane and he wasn’t comfortable with their plans and beliefs any longer and asked that we help him escape. After a lengthy discussion in which Sven wanted to send him back to the others we decided to hide him in the crates in the back of the wagon until we reached Waterdeep. We figured that would be an easier place for him to get lost, perhaps one of us helping him get a new identity.

While passing through a small wooded area that didn’t appear on any map we were attacked by three eddercaps and three giant spiders. It appeared that the eddercaps were going for the horses while the spiders were just attacking at random. Elryia managed to extricate herself from the wagon and get a decent distance away and started pelting the eddercaps with arrows. Tarien took on a second eddercap while I targted a third. Edward was left battling s spider. Both Tarien and Edward got webbed by the creatures, Edward burst through the webs, and Tarien quickly cut his way free.

Sven also got webbed as he tried to fire arrows from the far side of the wagon, however he had issues with freeing himself from the web.

By the time it was over we had felled all the eddercaps and a couple of spiders. Sven finally managed to get free of the webbing just as the rest of us took off after the horses that had been set free by the invaders.

As we pulled in for the night a couple of rather friendly women approached the caravan. As they got closer I could see they were twins, a rare sight. I passed on their overtures as did Sven, but Edward seemed intrigued. A few minutes later a dragonborn female approached. I sensed her pheromones but something wasn’t right. Elryia came up and warned off Edward and myself. Finally informing me the women were dopplegangers.

Normally I would have nothing to do with the creatures and would have chased them out of the camp, however a thought occurred to me. Perhaps they would be willing to assist us in gathering information from the Cultists for a fee. We told them of the wagons we wished them to spy on, and informed them we had a defector that one of them could emulate to gain entry. We also informed them the wagons had all sorts of treasure that they could take their fill of. We haggled on price, finally steeling on 150gp for them. They ultimately did gather some decent information before disappearing in the night.

We learned that there were three guards, one on each wagon that would be making their way to the north gate in Waterdeep to be reassigned. Again, no one knew what the assignment was but our group had some ideas. We also learned that even though they knew Lane had disappeared they were keeping it quiet for fear of anyone attempting to investigate their wagons.

Our stay in Daggerford was uneventful. Several of the wagons left the caravan, replaced by a couple others. We moved up a place in line, now traveling just behind the three Cult wagons. Many of the guards left and others were hired as replacements. One of which was a female gnome by the name of Gemna Gleamsilver.

I know this because one morning, several days out from Daggerford she came into our camp just as we were sitting down to our morning meal and takes Svens bowl of oatmeal. After digging through it with her fingers she pulled out what looked like a tiny little bead. She explained it was a sliver of bone put there by the Cultists to try and kill us.

After giving us this information she walked away whispering “Let’s talk this evening” as she did so.

The rest of us dug through out oatmeal, finding various lumps that were undecipherable. It was at this pint I decided to join Elryia on her hunting expeditions. I wouldn’t eat anything handled by anyone else, even though I wasn’t one hundred convinced Gemna was on the up and up.

That night she came back to our camp just as we finished setting up. She told us we didn’t work for the same people but that we were on the same side, that we were all invested in preventing the Cult of the Dragon from gaining power. She wanted to know what they were carrying and asked us to help her find out.

Sven told her we already knew having poked around in their wagons earlier in the trip. He also told her about the sleeping schedule and just about even piece of information we had except for Lane. I have no idea why he decided to just dump everything. He claimed it was because we had been found out but there was no proof of that. Gemna hadn’t identified us, hadn’t mentioned Greenest or anything. She gave us very little information.

The only thing she told us was that the guy in the red robes that had joined the Cultists was Azbara Jos, a Red Wizard of Thay. Something I and Tarien had already assumed and commented on earlier.

We knew nothing about her, who she worked for, what she was doing here and yet he told her everything. This is the one time I will say that I thought Sven was out of line. I don’t know if anyone else feel the same way, but I suspect a couple might.

After she left she dashed back and pressed a Harpers coin into Tariens hand. Sven used that to validate that he did the right thing, claiming it proved she was on out side. The only problem being that we don’t know that it was a legit coin, and she had already said we didn’t work for the same people.

A couple of days later the camp was woken by shouting coming from the area near the Cultist wagons. As we gathered around we saw the body of a dead guard lying face down in the grass. The cultists, upon seeing me, began accusing me of being the killer. A fact that surprised me since I had been nothing but friendly towards them, even assisting once when one of their wagons threw a wheel. When the caravan master finally made his way over they accused me again, demanding that I show my shortsword. I drew my sword and gave it over to the caravan master. This prompted more accusations. He calmed them down and apologized to me for the trouble.

The rest of the caravan had gathered around us and had begun making comments that the Cultist claims were unwarranted, and saying that I and the rest of the group had done nothing but help the caravan on many occasions.

Oddly, it was the newest member of the Cultist group, Azbara Jos, that seemed to calm things down the most. He starting talking about how because there had been no witnesses nothing could really be done, all to the agreement of the caravan master and several other members of the caravan.

Now, on to Waterdeep.

Session 6
Highways and Haggis


Elyria Wolfsbane
Edward Gursk
Lucas Higgs (Bosun)
Sven Evenhand
Tairen Lairoth

Actually, I’m not sure what happened to Azujhan. He ran up to me and tossed me this journal. He then sprinted to the head and I haven’t seen much of him since. I’ve never seen a dragon that particular shade of green before, especially on a red dragonborn. But, I warned him from taking the haggis from the dwarven street vendor. Nothing good comes from food from a dwarven food vendor, have you seen the stuff they can eat. Damn dwarves and their cast iron stomachs.

Having read through the other entries, I assume I am to make an entry in here describing our journey since the last entry. Since Azujhan is probably busy shedding scales through his nostrils, this entry falls to me.

After the confrontation at Baldur’s Gate, we began stacking our crates and otherwise loading our “wares” when a hand appeared out of a slot in the side a crate and waved itself, palm down, slowly. Naturally curious, we opened the crate to discover our missing companion Sven blinking in the sunlight. I’m not quite sure how he ended up here, but I assume it’s quite the story and one he’ll have to tell himself. As it were, it was convenient. We now had a place to stow Azujhan until his scales grew back.

A pleasant little man by the name of Enom Tobun introduced us in the most jocular manner. Truthfully, the unusually bitter Halfling spat a string of insults and suspicion. He introduced himself as the caravan master of his travelling group and demanded to know who we were. I introduced myself as the merchant of this wagon, Elyria was my driver/huntress, Edward and Tairen were both my guards. Sven was introduced as a noble who had purchased a fare to Baldur’s Gate.

Tobun began to instruct us of his rules and expectations. They were the usual drivel that you hear. Don’t leave the caravan. Don’t bother anybody else. Help out around the camp. Help with guard duty. The list went on and on, and to be perfectly honest, my mind drifted to three wagons towards the front of the caravan.

Tobun placed us in the 11th position, with two more behind us. The three wagons we were interested in, the ones we understood to be that of the dragon queen minions, were third, fourth and fifth in line. Quite a distance ahead of us and not convenient to interaction.

The first few days were long and boring. We had to really restrain ourselves from doing anything before we had established a few friendships. We had 40 days of this travel, so we had time on our side. Tairen did send his owl familiar into the air above the camp, and the three wagons, but located nothing of note. Elyria made some headway with two other hunters through their nightly hunts, Orvustia and a man they called “The Pole”. Apparently, Orvustia was quite talkative and the
Pole spoke less than his namesake.

Just prior to stopping for the night on day five, or six, the entire caravan train came to a sudden halt. I had to pull hard on the reins of our horses so they wouldn’t go nose-first into our friends in the wagon ahead of us. Everybody was pointing and shouting at something up the hill. I looked over and standing there was literally the most magnificent animal I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot.

A large, golden stag stood proudly atop a rise to our left. Whether it was a trick of the light or magic, this creature’s pelt glowed golden. It looked at us curiously, as though it wasn’t sure what to make of a rambling group of bipedals riding around in square boxes.

Soon, the shout for gold and the value of the magnificent animal’s pelt rang through the train and a horde of people began to hurdle up the hill. Ok, it wasn’t a horde, technically. It was something like 10 to 12 people, but a “horde” sounds so much more dramatic. And what is a bard if not dramatic. However, as dramatic as it was, it was a real danger to the animal.

Without asking my compatriots’ opinions, I stood and cast my sleep spell on the front line of the attackers. As much as it seemed unfair to attack one’s own allies, the reader must understand that it would have been a far greater crime to watch that beautiful animal killed for its pelt.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a streak of green as Elyria dashed for the stag. I had no worries over her motives in this chase. We had spoken enough, and I knew Elyria well enough, to know that my feelings of wrongness paled beside hers. As I turned my attention back to the mob, I noted that Pole had dashed to the front and was beginning to outdistance the remainder of the pack. I had a quandary. What were Pole’s motives? What was his purpose?

The question was academic really. He was out of the range of my spell, Elyria would have to deal with him as she saw fit. I had other, and more, fish to fry. I leapt from the wagon and ran towards the group to get them back into range. My first attempt had placed the first three or so asleep. However, such was the attention focused on the stag that there seemed to be no notice. My second sleep went off and another four dropped. The crowd was beginning to notice. Tairen backed my play with a convenient cloud of fog that he placed between the stag and the now confused attackers. Pole and Elyria had broken through and began to chase the stag away.

Suddenly Elyria stopped, her head tilted as though she was listening to a song only she could hear. The stag bounded away and Elyria followed. That’s a story for her to tell.

Back at the wagons, Tobun was irate, as we had learned was quite normal for this hafling. He questioned our group and our actions. I replied as I am typically wont, by failing every attempt at persuasion I made. While the failures were quite enough to cast suspicion upon us, it did place me at the highest level of his watchlist.

After that, we finished our travel to the next resting place. Elyria returned later with a bow that was just as majestic as the stag we had seen. It was obviously magical; however, it refused to yield its secrets to us.

After another few days of travel, we neared our next stopping spot to discover a wagon already there. A group in gaudy outfits and armor approached Tobun. We watched as he spoke to them at length and then motioned to the rear of the caravan. The man in charge smiled and nodded. With a flourish, he turned and motioned for his crew. As they made their way to the back of the caravan, they announced themselves to be adventurers and wished to avail themselves to whomever wished their assistance. Now, Mrs. Higgs’ little boy Lucas may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night. We knew already that something suspicious was happening here, but the caravan moved off before we could address it.

At the rest, Tobun approached us, brusque as usual. We had been evicted from the caravan. Apparently, the “adventurers” knew of us and had warned Tobun about our “exploits” in Baldur’s Gate. Despite our attempts to refute the allegations, and a futile attempt at logic (how did a group in a wagon get to the stopping spot ahead of us without us seeing it), we were granted the leave to finish the night here, but would be on our own beginning the following morning.

To be sure, this ruffled some feathers. I turned three of us, Elyria, Sven and myself, invisible and moved to get a closer look at the troupe that had taken our spots. Sven investigated the wagon and its contents while Elyria and I listened to their conversations. The conversations were jocular in nature. They laughed openly, if quietly, about having duped the caravan master into getting rid of us to make room for them. Sven had discovered that the wagon was full of props and costumes. Realization had begun to dawn on us. We were against actors, not adventurers.

That’s not to say that it made our lives any easier. In fact, it made it more difficult. We now knew that, regardless of what we said, we would always be at a disadvantage speaking to Tobun. We decided to follow as close as we could to the rear of the caravan.

Two nights later, as we approached our resting area, a howl sounded in the distance. The hairs on the back of my neck climbed over my head and into my eyebrows as I recognized the sound. Dire wolves. And, by the sound of it, more than one.

To the right of the caravan a line of these creatures pawed at the ground, ready to charge. I heard the distant shout of Tobun sounding the alarm and rushing his guards into place. It wasn’t going to be enough. Not against what appeared to be 10 dire wolves. Even if their “heroes” had been genuine, the caravan was in danger.

Without much thought, we took to our horses. Elyria and Tairen began a ranged assault with both longbow and spell. The dusk reverberated as the air shattered atop the dire wolves. It was shattered again as Tairen’s spell melded into my own. Then it was the wolves’ turn.
Against, the heroes, it wasn’t a challenge. Wooden swords and gold painted leather helms are of little use against dire wolves. Two of their number collapsed as shield splintered and fake armor failed to blunt the teeth of the wolves. The other two survived the first assault, for the simple reason that the wolves missed and only on happenstance.

The Pole stood at the center of the ragtag line and a true center he was. He laid about him with that monster of a quarterstaff, cracking skulls and breaking claws. However, numbers were soon to best him. The remainder of the guards rallied quickly, to our surprise. They began to coordinate their attacks on the far wolf.

The near wolves finished off the heroes and began to flank around Pole and the hits began to tell. Pole dropped his guard on one bite and was thrown to the ground, unconscious. I quickly shouted a word to reinvigorate Pole. His more serious wounds sealed enough to return him to action. By this time, Edward had arrived at his side and took much of the pressure off a beleaguered line. In short order, the last wolf was put down and it was time to see to our own wounded.

Of the four actors, two were beyond our power to heal. One had a gash ripped into his neck and the other missing half of her torso. The other two were revived with some Goodberries supplied by Elyria.

I’ll freely admit it, we basked in the adulation shown by a very appreciative Tobun. Not only were we welcomed back to the caravan, but offered prime positions. We simply had to ask. We made no decision that night, we simply wanted to rest. Rest, however, appeared elusive.

Elyria came to us, her new bow had been stolen. She had been hiding the glow of her bow with rags wrapped around the gleaming length, but during the battle, it was impossible to disguise this bow as an ordinary one.

Our first suspect was Orvustia, the young huntress that had befriended Elyria, attempted to, during the first few days of our travel. She had been offering obscene amounts of money for the bow. Elyria had declined each time. Was her desperation and greed enough to risk stealing the bow?

Elyria questioned Orvustia closely. She didn’t have the bow. We looked about the camp, Tairen probed for the essences of magic and located one in the wagon of the last member of the caravan. A search of the wagon recovered the bow.

I’m not quite sure what the decision on this dwarf will be. They are still arguing over it now. I expect Azujhan will notate it once he is able to stop twitching. Never take food from a dwarven food vendor on the street.

Balders Gate
Session 5

== The Party ==
Azujhan Yarjrev – Dragonborn Monk
Edward Grusk – Half-Orc Barbarian
Elyria Wolfsbane – Wood Elf Ranger
Tairen Lairoth – Human Necromancer
Lucas Higgs – Half-Elf Bard

== The Story ==
Tairen surprised everyone by stepping into the room as we were getting ready to enter the nursery. He had returned to Greenest and spoken to Sven who told him where we were. It was good to have him back as we needed desperately the assistance.

We all slipped quietly into the cavern and spread out along the wall near the door. Using her darkvision Elyria could barely make out a couple of dragon eggs just outside the edge of the light being cast by the torches. We all had the sense that the cavern was much larger than what we could see and so Tarien cast Light onto a couple of arrows that Elyria then shot across the expanse attempting to find the other side. The light gave her a better look at the coloring on the eggs and it wasn’t good. They were Green Dragon eggs and very close to hatching.

In an effort to get a better view of the cavern and see if there are more eggs Edward made his way along the upper ledge. After a few steps he became entangled in a bunch of tentacles. As the rest of us rushed over we too were ensnared, all save Tarien who managed to escape back into the room with the shrine.

To add insult to injury a group kobolds came in from the other side of the ledge and started throwing rocks at us

We all struggled or tried to convince the Roper to let us go. It would only do so if we promised to bring him food. Bosun convinced it to let him go and he took off after the Drakes we had passed on the way in. I failed to convince it but did finally manage to escape it’s grasp. Elyria escaped as well, however it managed to bite Edward knocking him unconscious.

I managed to take out one kobold before escaping to the other room with Tarien and Elyria. After a brief exchange with the kobolds, in which they ran back into the room with the Roper, Elryia opted to go and assist Bosun with the Drakes.

I dragged Cyanwraths body in and offered it to the Roper. He accepted, though I could tell he wasn’t thrilled about it. Seems the half-dragon had been his original supplier of food. Elyria and Bosun arrived with the drakes and offered them to the Roper as well. As they did I noticed a couple of the kobolds running down the stairs in the middle of the ledge. At the bottom was a metal gate which they unlocked and went through. After a few moments we saw them returning with Guard Drakes.

Not wanting to get into a fight with Guard Drakes and kobolds I ran across the room and down the stairs, pulling out the manacles that I had picked up in Greenest as I did. I shut the gate and used the manacles to secure the door, trapping the kobolds in with the other drakes. After Tarien finished off the remaining free kobold we took our time eliminating the ones below along with the drakes. Giving us free reign to go in an destroy the dragon eggs. Turned out to he three, one of which would probably have hatched in the next couple of days. After making sure there were no more we left the now empty nursery and made our way to Elturel.


We arrived and asked around for Onthar. A couple of townsfolk pointed us in the direction of a tavern. Inside we find the paladin Leosin described. At first he refused to really talk to us much, avoiding any direct conversation about the Cult. Even after we mentioned Leosin sent us.

After a bit of conversation we came to the conclusion that we needed to somehow prove ourselves to Onthar. I suggested we find a place to have a drink and chat and he cheerfully agreed. As he gave us the grand tour of the tavern he hinted, somewhat strongly, that we partake of some of the many contests going on through the area.

I opted to participate in the pit fighting. Elyria took the archery challenge while Bosun accepted the drinking challenge. At the time I didn’t know the outcomes, but I was pretty sure both would win. Especially Bosun. I had seen him out drink the captain on the Pearl multiple times. Finally, Edward opted for the ranged weapons. They invented a armor challenge for Tarien right then and there.

I entered the pit and faced their current champion. I decided at the beginning not to use any of my Ki, though that was probably not the wisest of decisions. We fought, but it didn’t last long. He pretty much had his way with me, putting me down after a mere three rounds. I need to focus on my training more and my basic moves. It wasn’t pretty.

The others though did well. THose of us that weren’t participating in the even watched and cheered on the one that was, so we all got to see Elyria sounded defeat their archery champion, and Bosun didn’t even get started before their guy gave in. Edward had a bit more of a challenge but nothing really tough. Same for Tarien. I seem to have been the only one to fail.

Afterward we seemingly proved ourselves we got together to Onthar and he had a squire bring us to his office where Leosin waited. Things didn’t go great. We didn’t get all the information Leosin was hoping for from the camp and we probably screwed things slightly by taking our Cyanwrath but not searching for Frulam. To be honest, I felt we were lucky to get the information we had and destroy the eggs without getting killed, and I said as much. Basically the same argument I made to Leosin when trying to rescue him. Bit stubborn that one. After relaying what we knew they told us what they had learned and offered those of us not affilated with a Faction to join if we liked.

Leosin asked that we make the trip back south and pick up the trail, following the cultists and try to catch and infiltrate the group.

Edward suggested it might make more sense for us to travel west to Balders Gate and look for signs of the marauders there. If we found nothing we could make our way south to Beregost and if necessary (assuming we were that far ahead of them) turn east, hoping to encounter the group that way.

Leosin and Onthar agreed this was a better idea and Onthar left to make arrangements for a boat to take us down the River Chionthar into Balders Gate.


The boat ride down was uneventful, but it was good to be on the water again. We we arrived in Baulders Gate I split off from the group and went looking for any potential Cult members in town, trying to learn whatever I could.

Bosun checked the docks and the other looked for Aiken, a trader suggested to us by Onthar to help facilitate. After a couple of hours, just as I was getting ready to pack it in and head back to find the other I ran across a couple of members of Rezmir’s group that seemed to be part of an advance group. They had arrived in Baulders Gate only this morning and were making plans for Rezmir’s arrival later today or tomorrow. I talked a bit and learned they were heading to Waterdeep by way of the Coast Way. I thanked them for keeping me in the loop and made my way back.

We met with Aiken and discussed the best way of getting into the group heading north. We originally decided to pose as guards but Bosun suggested we might have a better shot at learning stuff if we bought our own cart and filled it with stuff, with him and Elryia posing as the owners and the rest of us serving as guards. That way we would have members of the group in both of the traveling parties social groups. Aiken agreed and we purchased the necessary items and got everything set up on the field outside the city in preparation.

Edward, Tarien and I decided to explore the area and look for Green Esma. Not really sure why, but once we found her Edward got weird. The situtation became awkward enough that Tarien left and made his way back to the cart.

Edward and I stayed and spoke with Esma. Technically Edward talked and Esma tried to end the conversation several time. As he finally got the hint and we started to leave a group of bandits approached the cart. We couldn’t hear anything from where were were but could see the situation become tense. Once the discussion became physical Edward and I broke into a run, with Tarien halfway between us and the attackers.

We managed to fend off the attackers without too much effort, save for the leader. He took a while to bring down but eventually Elyria drooped him. We cleaned up and apologized to the other travelers and made ready to leave.

Into the fire...
Session 4

== The Party ==
Azujhan Yarjrev – Dragonborn Monk
Edward Grusk – Half-Orc Barbarian
Elyria Wolfsbane – Wood Elf Ranger
Sven Evenhand – Half Elf Rogue
Lucas Higgs – Half-Elf Bard

== The Story ==
We ran. Hard.

I’m not ashamed to say it, we left our friends behind. We didn’t have a choice. The number of armored guards that were heading, quickly, in our direction made the decision for us.

The only way we were going to get out of the situation we were in, and make no mistake, it was bad, was for the three of us to escape, regroup and try to free Sven and Bosun later.

It wasn’t long after we took off that a group of guards appeared on the top of the ridge. They must have ran around from the entrance because I was dragging the rope and grapple behind me, so they didn’t climb that.

To be honest, it didn’t really matter and we didn’t really care. We only ran.

Eventually we came to a meager stream that looked like it was the last remnants of a larger river. We all dove into the mud and water and covered ourselves trying to hide.

And we stayed that way for a good hour while the guards arrived and searched up and down the banks. We were lucky and they didn’t find us. After another hour or so we climbed out and headed south for a while to put more distance between us and where we had hidden.

Thanks to the time I spent with Arian I knew how to create a blind to hide a campfire and we managed to get some warm food into us and dry our soaking clothes.

We discussed the situation and decided that our best course of action was to use the knowledge I had from my infiltration into the cult to pretend we had been sent from Waterdeep in an effort to locate a monk that was dangerous to the cause. Elysia was my advisor and scholar while Edward served as my protection.

Once that was decided Elysia went into her trance while Edward and I got some sleep. It didn’t sit well with any of us that we were sleeping while our friends were probably being tortured but we all agreed that to attempt to infiltrate and free them while running on a lack of rest would only make the situation worse. Knowing that didn’t make it any easier but I finally fell asleep just as the fire began to die down.

I awoke to Elysia shaking me just as the sun began it’s climb over the horizon. I woke Edward and we began breaking camp. We decided that since we were supposed to be coming from Waterdeep and not part of this group it probably was a good idea to ditch the clothings we had taken from the guards the night before. If we had been searched trying to explain it might have given us trouble.

Which turned out to be a wise decision. The guard bought my story easily enough, and even though Elysia pushed it farther than she should have we were okay. However the guard appeared to recognize Edward. Or at the very least, from what he said, thought he was with the part of adventurers that fought in Greenest against the Cult. It was touchy for a moment but the guard made a simple comment about looking like the person describe that I was able to play the Ogre race card. A bit of a dirty trick to be sure, but it worked.

We wondered around the camp for a bit and ran into a group of kobolds who seemed overly pleased to see us. We talked for a bit and things got… odd. And by odd I mean that they suddenly went from excited to talk to us to guarded. Which for a kobold is not a standard tactic. So we left them. Or tried to. They followed us. After a bit Elysia got tired of it and started asking them about the kobolds we had encountered the night before when attacking the guards that had camped because they fell behind.

This group knew them and knew of a group of adventurers from them. They (this group of kobolds) weren’t sure it was us, but they knew we didn’t actually belong to the encampment. Or at least seemed to believe that. So we walked around with them a bit more and talked. We learned that hunters would be arriving shortly to serve breakfast and that afterwards there would be a tour of the nursery.

When we asked more about the nursery we only got a location and that some of them had served as guards, an apparent privilege. They knew there were some dragon eggs in inside and, since they never actually went into the area with the eggs, that was about it.

They then told us that the executions would be taking place right after the tour was complete.

Which meant we had about a little over an hour before our friends were to be killed.

After a few more questions we learned that during the tour of the nursery that basically the entire camp was deserted with the exception of a few kobolds and the guards left outside the nursery itself. This seemed to be the best time to make our move so we wasted time by grabbing something to eat and meandering around the camp.

Once everyone started making their way toward the nursery we worked our way toward the poles where Bosun and Sven were tied up.

We rushed up as the last of the guards disappeared into the nursery area. Bosun had managed to get loose but Sven was out cold. Leosin had a knife hidden that we used to cut Sven free. Leosin then attempted to convince us to leave him by explaining that he had allowed himself to be captured so that he could spy on the cultists,. After I explained that once we escaped with our friends and he was left behind, they would torture him much worse and likely kill him, eliminating and possible chance of whatever information he had gathered thus far from reaching his allies, he relented and came with us.

Since we only had a few minutes before people would be returning to the poles we informed the kobolds that we had heard rumors of the adventurers trying to infiltrate the nursery to destroy the eggs. They ran off screaming about an invasion, giving us the distraction and time we needed to climb up the back wall, just as we had the night before, and escape back to Greenest.

A couple of days later Leosin stopped by our rooms to talk. He thanked us for helping him and asked if we could help him complete his mission. That help would involve returning to the camp we escaped from and potentially infiltrating again. This seemed excessively risking to me seeing as how just about every person within the camp now knew what each of us looked like.

He implored Bosun on behalf of the Harpers, and when I pushed the issue further insisted that Bosun take the assignment. Not wanting to see our friend go off on his own, the rest of us agreed (some more reluctantly than others) to accompany him.

The trip back to the encampment was uneventful. As was our arrival. Since the camp had been abandoned.

As we made our way in through the main entrance we saw a bunch of wagon and pack animal tracks leading west. We decided to make a cursory examination of the cave to see if the dragon eggs were still there. Elysia volunteered if we could figure out a way to make it easy for her to sneak in.

Bosun cast some spell to make her invisible and she disappeared into the opening.

I sat, attempting to carve. I don’t have Brother Lemins talent but it helps me relax. I’ve never been good at meditation and carving, however poorly, helps me calm my mind. Bosun played on his lute and Edward poked around the encampment looking for anything out of place. After an hour Elysia became visible in front of me, bleeding slightly from her side. Apparently she had spend the entire time exploring the cavern and had found the dragon eggs. It was on her way out that she triggered a trap and got injured.

After talking it over we decided it was in our best interests to destroy the dragon eggs. So it turned out to be a good thing that she went in alone as we now had a living map of the path to the eggs and we knew, or at least had an idea of what was in each successive room. Granted that didn’t do us any good when we triggered the rest of the traps that she had skirted past but we all managed to make it through, taking out guards and kobolds along with way with very little trouble.

When we reached the shrine area Cyanwrath was still there with his body guards. Myself, I was anxious to exact a little revenge on the half-dragon. Elysia cast an ensnaring spell and fired an arrow at Cyanwrath. He managed to break the spell but Bosun cast Dissonant Whispers, which caused him to back into a corner. I think we caught him by surprise when both Edward and I rushed him, pinning him in place as we focused entirely on him, willing to take blows from his compatriots.

It was a struggle, and each of us took abuse but in the end we took down the half-dragon bastard and his two brutes.

Which of course came to naught when Bosun opened the chest in the room, spraying us all with poison!

Thankfully Elysia had Goodberries that revived those of us that were knocked out.

Now we have to decide how to get to the eggs.

To die or not to die.
Session 2

== The Party ==
Azujhan Yarjrev – Dragonborn Monk
Edward Grusk – Half-Orc Barbarian
Elyria Wolfsbane – Wood Elf Ranger
Sven Evenhand – Half Elf Rogue
Lucas Higgs – Half-Elf Bard

== The Story ==
After taking care of the patrolling party we opted to visit the Mill instead of heading back right away, thinking that even if we rescued the people at the temple, losing the Mill would mean losing the town. Also we wanted to give Castellan some much needed intel if possible. Before heading off we decided to clear out the tunnel of the rats. To do so we tossed a couple of the kobolds bodies into the tunnel and waited for the rats to begin feeding on them. Once they did we threw cloaks and tunics over them and pushed the bodies out into the river.

Ugly business but ultimately a safer move. As we prepared to move out Lucas came stumbling through the tunnel having finally arrived in town and made his way to the keep. Castellan had pointed him in the direction of the tunnels and told him we had been headed there.

Tarien chose to head back to the keep as he had suffered injuries in the fight and inform Castellan and the Governor that the tunnel was clear for the scouts.

We set off for the Mill keeping just inside the tree line as much as possible to avoid accidentally running into any possible scouting parties. There were none and we made it to the Mill without incident. Once there Sven and Elyria left the rest of us behind and went to scout around to get a better idea of the situation and the forces surrounding the structure.

After watching a while Elyria realized that while the group appeared to be trying to set fire to the Mill, they weren’t trying very hard. When she and Sven returned they explained that the efforts seems lack-luster, the kindling wasn’t really close to the building, the groups kept trying to start a fire with rocks while holding lit torches, etc. Elyria said it felt wrong. Sven reported that there were two guards in the front and as well as an Acolyte, cultist and a few kobolds in the rear (trying to start the fire). We decided to eliminate those gathered around the building since the force was small.

Sven and Elyria positioned themselves to take out the front guards via long bow, timed to happen when Lucas began casting his bardic spells at the Acolyte. The fight started well, however I, again being the only true melee fighter, had to rush across the river and was knocked unconscious very quickly.

According to what the others told me afterwards they managed to capture the Cultist while quickly dispatching the rest. They guarded the building, inspecting it from time to time until the troops from Castellan arrived. They came to the conclusion that the arrangement of the original guards out front, along with the half-hearted attempts at the fire, seemed to indicate they might be laying a trap. And since no other troops were located in the nearby woods they decided to play safe and not enter the building, warning the newly arrived troops of the same.

We returned to the keep where I was revived as they relayed all this information to the Governor. While I recovered we again talked to Nighthill about trying to talk to the dragon in an effort to drive him off.

An effort that failed. He saw right through our attempts to deceive him of our loyalty and proceeded to attack. Elyria and I quickly clamored down the stairwell and made it our of the tower just as the dragon spewed lightening. Thankfully he opted not to attack us any further and flew away, and we managed to keep Sven form firing off the trebuchets that he had prepped, Elyria had to actually tackle Bosun to prevent him from yelling at the dragon (cursing him out) and provoking him more.

While the overall plan was a failure in that we didn’t get the dragon to leave for good, he also didn’t kill anyone. So small victory there.

After that Castellan reminded us of the temple and the people that were supposedly trapped there. So we once again set off for the tunnel, making our way again along the riverbank just in side the tree line. Once there we were able to make our way right up to the wall surrounding the compound without resistance or seeing any baddies. Again Sven and Elyria scouted the area, making a full circuit around the wall.

Turned out there was a group in front who seemingly had just brought in a battering ram to knock down the front door, a group that included a Dragonclaw. In addition there was a small group of seemingly rambunctious kobolds patrolling just around the building itself.

Finally a smaller group comprising kobolds and a couple cultists were in the rear of the building attempting to set fire to it. This time the efforts seemed real and coordinated.

After some discussion we decided to take out the rear group just after the patrolling group passed by. According to our timing we had about 6 minutes to take them out and get those trapped inside, out. The fight took longer than we had hoped which put us in a dilemma, now we didn’t have enough time to get the citizens to safety.

After a quick discussion a couple of us ran outside and pretended to be attempting to start the fire. When the patrol came around they became suspicious of the fact there were no kobolds and began to question us. A few quick and clever comments by Elyria managed to convince them I was the cause of the delay and that the others had been sent off to fix my blunder. It worked well enough, although I don’t think it would have been successful a second time so we quickly got the people out of the building and over the wall before the patrol came around again.

Would have been interesting to see the face of the Dragonclaw when he realized that the temple was empty.

We knew the dragon was returning to the Keep about every two hours. We got the people to safety inside the fortifications with about an hour left until he was suppose to arrive again. After seeing that everyone was inside and okay we decided to split up and lay in wait along the dragons presumed flight path. I grabbed a short bow from the armory rack so that I’d have a ranged weapon, and a couple of us hide inside the tree off to the side of the flight path covered in grasses and leaves. Other such as Sven and Elyria hide behind buildings farther along. The plan was to have someone inside the castle signal us and we all attack the dragon from different directions, hoping to do enough damage to drive him off while at the same time giving how too many targets to retaliate against.

The plan worked and he turned around and flew off without any further attack. We made our way back to the Keep just as the sun began to rise. As it did so kobolds and Cultists and Acolytes began to stream out of the city. The siege was, inexplicably, over.

The people within the Keep began to celebrate when a voice boomed out from the town, “Defenders of Greenest! This has been a successful night and I feel generous.”

We made our way to the top of the parapets and looked out towards the voice to see a tall dragon like creature covered in blue scales, which Elyria recognized the creature as a half-dragon, making it’s way towards the keep. It was flanked on both sides by kobolds wrapped in cloaks.

It stopped about a hundred yards from the Keep and looked everyone over. The kobolds on the left prodded forward a woman and two small children. One of the soldiers on the wall recognized them, as did Edward.

’You see, I no longer have need of prisoners. I am willing to trade them back to you. All you have to do is send out your best warrior to fight me!" boomed the half-dragon.

The soldier, shakily, made his way to the weapons on the far wall and began grabbing anything he could carry. Nighthill, who was standing next to us turned to Sven and said, “My friends, you have demonstrated your abilities and I can not ask you to face this creature, but any of you will have a better chance than that poor soldier.”

We all had already agreed to face the creature, just needed to decide who. We ultimately decide to draw lots. A draw that I won, or lost depending on your point of view. A draw I might have rigged.

I took only my staff and made my way down the stairs towards the main gate. As soon as I stepped out outside of the Keep the kobolds let the children free, keeping on the woman at spear point.

The fight didn’t last long and I didn’t fair well. He dodge my staff and follow-up, I however wasn’t fast enough. He slashed at me with his sword twice. Enough to put me on the ground. He followed up by impaling me with his spear. An act with killed me. So I was told.

Afterward he kept his word and released the woman and left without another word. I was carried, once again, into the Keep where the towns healers spent the better part of the day, and most of their resources to bring me back to life. And act I will be forever indebted to them for.

To Greenest
Session 1

== The Party ==
Azujhan Yarjrev – Dragonborn Monk
Edward Grusk – Half-Orc Barbarian
Elyria Wolfsbane – Wood Elf Ranger
Sven Evenhand – Half Elf Rogue
Tairen Lairoth – Human Wizard

The Story
We ended up leaving Lucas in Scornubel. Apparently he ate something that did not agree with him and thus he elected to stay behind and catch-up in Greenest.

The travel to Berdusk was uneventful and we were able to pick up a few supplies while there. The travel to Greenest started out the same, but ended on a very different note. As we crested a small hill we saw, off in the distance, towers of smoke. Edward became uneasy, though the rest of us didn’t understand why until we crested the next hill and saw Greenest in flames.

The town looked like a warzone. Small fires pocked the area and smoke drifted in every possible direction. And as if that wasn’t enough, a dragon circled over heard. From this distance we were unable to discern anything other than the fact it was attacking the city and it was large.

The drivers of the wagons wanted to stay out of the town so we untethered the three horses that were pulling the carts and made a dash for the town. As we approached we noticed shadows flitting back and forth in the town.

We dismounted and Sven took the time to secure the horses. The rest of us made our way through the shattered gate. As we made our way into town a family fell out of an alleyway, followed by a group of kobolds. The mother turned and stood against the kobolds while the father, who looked gravely injured, took the family deeper into the city.

In an effort to avoid further bloodshed I marked up to the closest kobold, grabbed him by the shoulder.

“What is the meaning of this,” I asked in draconic.

“We pillage, we kill!”

The other kobolds took up the chant, “Pillage, kill! Pillage,kill!”

“Quiet”, I shouted. “I am disappointed in you all. I will take the prisoners, you go on.”

“Go where?”

“Go… pillage.”

At this they started arguing among themselves, some of them apparently didn’t quite buy my story. Since I had attended several of the cult meetings in an attempt to infiltrate I gave them the sign for command and sent them along their way with orders to no longer kill. I might have over stepped then.

Edward recognized the woman as Linan Swift and explained that we had just arrived asked if she had seen his mother. She had not and after some discussion she explained that the town was being overrun and that everyone was going to the keep. Edward offered to help her get to the keep. Elyria ran back to get Sven and we carefully stole down the streets trying to avoid any further kobolds.

After several minutes we made it to an intersection of two streets. Tairen stumbled slightly as he made his way across the street just as a group of and cultists and guards rounded the corner of a building. Sven reacted by letting an arrow fly, alerting the group to our presence.

After a short scuffle which saw Sven get knocked unconscious and severl members taking the robes and vestments of the guards and cultists as disguises, we continued on to the keep, encountering only a single roaming patrol that we managed to defeat despite being one member down.

After Linan vouched for us the keep guards let us in with little fuss and directed us to governor Nighthill who stood on the keep parapets, bandaged and bloody from battle. After hearing of our efforts in town and bringing Linan to the Keep he gave us a quick run down of the situation and suggested that we locate and speak with Castellan Escobert. It turned out that things weren’t quite as bad as they seemed as the invaders had encircled the keep but had, to this point, made no attempts to attack and seemed to be more interested in looting. The real threat, at present, was to the townsfolk that didn’t make it into the keep and were trapped in various locations in town.

We found Castellan and found out that there were several majors issues that he needed our aid on. First, a group of kobolds and cultists had broken through one of the outer doors to the western sally port and were close to breaking through the inner gate. He asked if we could defend and support until a repair team arrived.

== Sally Port ==
When we arrived several kobolds were pounding against the portcullis. We quickly pulled the carts and barrels together in an attempt to funnel the attackers together. It was suggested that we open the portcullis to prevent them from destroying it. We agreed and Elyria made her way to the far end of the room to take advantage of her long bow. Edward, Sven, and Tarien all placed themselves around the barricade.

As the only one without an actual weapon I was assigned to opening and closing the gate. One we we set, I opened the gate and the creatures flooded in. The fight didn’t go well. Tarien went down and the rest of us didn’t far much better. Everyone but Elyria was injured but we managed to eliminate those that attacked. As we picked ourselves up we saw another group coming toward the sally port attempting to invade. We closed the portcullis and began rearranging the carts and barrels. Our last arrangement did almost nothing to stop or even slow down the incursion. By pushing a cart against the gate and another several feet back the hope was to both expose the attackers a bit more and slow them down. Hopefully if a couple tried to make their way forward and got taken down the others would think twice.

Though with kobolds it was anyones guess.

Sven then came up with the idea of throwing lit bottles of oil through the slits in the portcullis, attempting to drive off the group before they even got into the kill zone.

I set myself to the side and prepared to breath fire on any that actually made it in. After a few minutes of them dealing with flames we tossed in another couple flasks. Ultimately they decided it wasn’t worth the effort and fled. Shortly after the repair crew arrived and we moved on to our next task.

== The Tunnel ==
The other major task Castellan needed taken care of was a way for the Keeps scouts to get in and out unseen. There was a vast gap in the information coming in and no one knew how much of the town stood, where anyone was trapped, or if anyone else was even alive. He asked us if we could help clear and secure a route. When questioned he mentioned that his initial though was the old tunnel that ran underneath the keep and out to the river. There were two doors that were locked, a security door at this end, and a gate at the other. We would have to get through both and make sure no enemies were lurking around the exit.

He told me he had keys but wasn’t sure which belong to which door or even if they worked since no one had been down there in many years. With a page guiding us we made it below the keep and to the security door. It seemed to be solid metal and was most definitely locked. Sven managed to easily pick the lock and.

As we made our way down the tunnel we heard scuffling and scratching coming from several vents. After a few moments of listening we heard squeaking and realized it was rats. And quite a significant number of them. Enough to impede us. We headed back out of the tunnel to discuss the situation. After a lengthy debate Edward suggested stuffing rations into the grates and someone else suggest stuffing straw in after to block off the rats, at least temporarily.

We did and it worked, for a bit. It wasn’t enough to keep the rats from discovering us a second time and they poured into the tunnel. We all dashed quickly through and while Sven picked the lock of the second door, Elyria oiled the hinges to help silence them. We made it out before the rats regrouped.

Outside we made our way along the water a bit before spotting a patrol of cultists and kobold. We all hid in the bushes on the river bank watching them, trying to determine if this was the only group. It seemed to be so when they passed us we stealthily made our way across the river and crept up behind the group. I had suggested we take one prisoner but none survived the encounter.

Now we need to head back to the keep to inform Castellan that the way for the scouts is clear and figure out our next mission.

[To be continued…]

Session 0
On the trail to Greenest

Mission – the Joining of The Evenhands…

During the month of Elesias of the year 1489 (DR), six adventurers came together seeking adventure, vengeance, greater good, fame, and fortune. They traveled from near and far – beginning in the High Forest and Loudwater and on a ship in the Sea of Swords off the coast near Baldur’s Gate. Two companions met a third in Daggerford as he was travelling south from Waterdeep. The other two traveled east from Baldur’s Gate and met a half-orc in Elturel. On Elient 5, 1489 (DR), the six met together in Scornubel by way of introduction between the two entertainers who had met in passing in Baldur’s Gate in the past. From there, the Evenhands formed with common discussions of an interest to travel to Greenest. The Evenhands took on their first mission together to guard a caravan of merchants traveling to Greenest via Berdusk.


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