Tyranny of Dragons

There and back. Again.

== The Party ==
Azujhan Yarjrev – Dragonborn Monk
Elyria Wolfsbane – Wood Elf Ranger
Tairen Lairoth – Human Necromancer
Edward Grusk – Half-Orc Barbarian
Lucas Higgs (Bosun) – Tiefling Paladin
Sven Evenhand – Half-Elf Rogue

== The Story ==
I learned a very important lesson in our latest encounter, well two actually. First, never piss off the hag that is helping you. Second, never attempt to infiltrate a dragons lair when you have a debilitating disease.

After returning to her hut on the night we took care of the Ettin and other feywild creatures that were harassing the hag she offered us the changes to get another potion, all we had to do was prick ourselves with a needle infected with something. Turned out to be cackle fever and I almost immediately fell victim to it. The next morning she made a second offer for a greater potion if we take the needle again. And because we are slow to learn we did. And I contracted a second, more virulent version of the disease. A choice I would later regret. Well, technically I wouldn’t regret it as I would be dead.

We started out toward the dragons lair which was on the other side of a stream. As we crossed we were attacked by what amounted to shambling mounds. Sven saw kobolds inside the cave, and we all expected to be attacked by them in short order. Except we weren’t.

After dispatching the mounds we concocted a plan whereby I would stealth my way in carrying a stone with Silence cast upon it, and once I encountered something I would teleport back to the entrance and inform the rest of the party. I didn’t think I made that much noise but apparently there were a great many winged kobolds hanging on the ceiling waiting. Several threw pots of poison and other substances, and it was then my fever decided to assert itself leaving me incapacitated. With no way to notify the party of the circumstances I died. Again.

What follows next was relayed to me after.

The others finally figured out something was wrong and began to make their way in. Turned out to be a lot more kobolds than we thought. Over 40 to be exact. Seems Tairen was the hero of this story as he dropped vast numbers with his fire magic. Many thanks to him for his actions in recovering my body.

After defeating the kobolds the others took my body back to the hag who charge a rather obscene amount of money for my resurrection. They paid it willingly I’m told and never questioned if it was the proper thing, but I wonder if they don’t regret the cost. Or will in the future.

On the upside, I am no longer affected by the fever.

After resting for a bit allowing me to get my bearings and caught up on the recent encounter we decided to once again set out for the dragons and the soulgem. I could give a blow by blow accounting of the encounter with the twins but it would consist of a lot of repetition and tedium. Sufficed to say we barely held our own. Sven and Elyria both fell to injuries, healed by Tairen, and continued fighting. I got a momentary chance to ride the back of a black dragon as I teleported above one and slammed into it’s back. I leapt off and dashed for one of the columns to avoid it’s retribution. It went after the others first but quickly rounded on me. I was able to dodge most of the attack but I was not doing well again. Seeing that we were close to losing this fight both Lucas (as I no longer think of him as Bosun) decided to head for the jem in an attempt to get it out of the cavern and hopefully turn the tide of the battle.

At first I was unable to move as the dragon knew where I was told me not to take it, being susceptible to suggestion by the gem. I drop it and Lucas managed to pick it up. He too was affected but in a different way and managed to get about halfway to one of the cavern entrances before being attacked by a pool of water controlled by the dragons.

After avoiding another attacked my the enraged creatures I made my way to where the gem had fallen, and this time scooped it up with my backpack, rather than touching it with my skin. Doing so did as I had hoped, it prevented be from being influenced by the effects of the gem. it also turned the twins attention solely on me. So I moved with all haste out of the lair. I ran at top speed well past the hags cabin, pretty sure she waved through the window.

I was thankful for all the training Brother Wilkin forced on me at the temple as there would have been no way for me to maintain this pace otherwise. After about 5 minutes of running I had a choice to make. Continue and increase the distance between myself and the others or turn back and risk an attack by the dragons.

In reality I had no choice. If I didn’t turn back and they caught me (which they were slowly doing) I would fall far away from any help. If I turned back I had the chance to avoid their attacks and if I did fall I would not be that far away from help and aid.

So I turned back, again thanking Brother Wilkin for his training. The twins swiped at me and I did manage to avoid their attacks. I did not manage to completely avoid their lightening attacks. I fell about 100 feet from the entrance of the cave. Just as I succumbed to darkness I saw Lucas pull something out and a stream of white streak out and impact both dragons, freezing them solid.

After being healed by Tairen we dissected the dragons and brought parts back to the hag. We still need to raid the lair and retrieve any treasure we wan or want to. But we now have the soulgem of Rezmir. Tarien decided to replace her soul with his, thereby eliminating the life-saving effects. So next time we met the half dragon she will die permanently.



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