Tyranny of Dragons

The telling of the tale.

== The Party ==
Azujhan Yarjrev – Dragonborn Monk
Elyria Wolfsbane – Wood Elf Ranger
Tairen Lairoth – Human Necromancer
Edward Grusk – Half-Orc Barbarian
Lucas Higgs (Bosun) – Tiefling Paladin

== The Story ==
So this journal entry will be shorter than most. Partly because we didn’t do much other than attend a stupid ‘council’ meeting. The other reason is because I’m still upset at the events at said meeting.

After delivering the teeth and eye to the hag we made our way back to Skyreach and traveled to Waterdeep. Blagothkus dropped up off a few miles from the city as to not alarm anyone about a giant castle showing up. After a bit of trouble at the gate where Tairen had t leave his remaining… toy, outside the city walls.

Once inside we eventually found our way to a Harper building where we were finally able to relax for the first time in months. Many of us bathed, others rested. Eventually we all dressed for the occasion and were taken to meet with Leosin. He let us know some of what we should expect but wasn’t able to tell us as much as we might have liked. After a short conversation we were escorted into a chamber where representatives from each of the Factions save the Zhentarium were present. In the case of the Lords Alliance where were four representatives.

Onthar was there for the Order of the Gauntlet. An elf named Delan, a friends of Elyria’s father, represented the Emerald Enclave, Remla Haventree stood for the Harpers. For the Alliance there was the Lord of Waterdeep himself, Degalt Neverember, Laurel Silverhand, Conrad Brunavil, Marshall Alder Ravenguard, King Meldrak and Tarn Thunderspells Hemblade.

A Sir Istaval was there to gather information and report back to Cormir. He himself was a Purple Dragon Knight.

Before things ever got started some of the council put a sour taste in my mouth. King Meldrak and Tarn Thunderspells Hemblade, began questioning Tariens loyality simply because of where he had been born. And questioning Lucas because of his race. These are my friends, I have put my life in their hands countless times and will do so again and again without question. How dare they question the loyality of those that have saved their plump behinds.

Eventually they asked us to recount our story for them. I won’t get into much detail because anyone that has read this journal up to this point knows that story. On several occasions the telling was interrupted to ask us questions. And to judge us.

I have let down Arian. I have let my anger get the best of me. As we told the story of finding the dragon eggs in the hatchery outside of Greenest Delan began to question us. He questioned if we were the able to make proper decisions because we had made a choice. It was then that I let my anger out. I have not been that mad since …. well, the captain. I am ashamed of it but I will not apologized for it. These self-righteous, pompous, self-centered people who dare to sit here and presume to judge.

Question? Fine. Ask if there might have been another way, if there might have been another option. Do that. But they do not have the right to judge us. I don’t care what they have done in the past. We made the choices we made because they were the best ones we could make at the time. To hell with this so called council.

Afterward we were basically given a choice, go after the White Mask and Varhim or go stop the Drac Horn. Since I’m beginning to hear it we decided that might be the best option to eliminate first, otherwise we will be facing a lot more dragons.

As it is, we will likely have to face the father of the white dragon we killed earlier. That should be fun.


LOL “That should be Fun”

The telling of the tale.

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