Tyranny of Dragons

Session 27

Cult Strikes Back

Lucas Higgs (Bosun)
Edward Gursk
Sven Evenhand
Tairen Lairoth
Elyria Wolfsbane

What key to write this epic in, for it is an epic? It needs to be something strong and moving. Something full of ups and downs, victories and defeats. A minor key perhaps? Which one?

An F minor and its funereal moaning seems a little too melodramatic. A G minor is no better with its ill temper. The D # minor would seem to fit the bill, except that it only expresses my thoughts and angsts. So, perhaps it is a little too greedy. It would ignore fair Elyria’s unrivaled skill with the bow or Pahlius’s incandescent faith in his god. What of the brave and strong Azujhan or the silver-tounged Sven? It would hardly do to ignore the contributions of savage Edward and talented Tairen and his army of undead. They have had their share in this fight and their stories must be told as well.

We left Luskan aboard the frostskimmer that the council had loaned us for our trip north. The trip was non-eventful and the weather warmed as we made our way back to Waterdeep.Out of the corner of our eyes, dark shapes flit across the sky. Even Edward’s keen sight could only determine that the passing shadows were dragon shapes and flying far to high for us to get a better look.

We arrived in Waterdeep and made our way to the council chambers. In our absence, there had been a few changes to the council. The new Open Lord of Waterdeep, Lady Laeral Silverhand, now sat in the central seat, guiding the meeting. Lord Neverember sat beside and a beautiful young human lady sat next to him. On the other end of the table, a tiefling named Rian Nightshade represented the Zhentarim interests.

This meeting went better than our previous one. We took a moment to catch Sven and Pahlius up with the current council status. Neither of them had been at the previous council. We don’t seem to have pissed off the council with our previous actions. The Emerald Enclave seemed a little put out that we hadn’t simply gotten rid of Varram when we had the chance. However, I don’t think they held that against us.

The beautiful woman, Elia, stood and addressed the council. She had come bearing an invitation to a council of metallic dragons. While the timing was tight, we could make it if we didn’t allow ourselves to become distracted by too many side quests. However, there was one quest that we felt needed to be handled immediately.

Delaan Winterhound of the Emerald Enclave expressed concerns with reports of dragon attacks in the Misty Forest. King Melandrach attempted to wave off Delaan’s concerns; however, it appears as though Delaan didn’t place much trust in Melandrach’s patrols and fortifications. Since the trip to the Misty Forest wasn’t too far out of our way, geographically speaking, we agreed to investigate further.

We arrived in the Misty Forest and began our investigation. The first night, as Elyria stood watch, something alerted me from out side my tent. I reached for my sword to investigate and suddenly the woods around us exploded with a Cult ambush.
They came in fast and a young blue dragon accompanied them. I stepped out of my tent in time to see Pahlius’ tent collapse and a bright spot of blood begin to seep from the wounds of the paladin beneath the canvas. It was a difficult fight, made more so by the confusion of the ambush. We were on watch for an attack, but nothing could prepare us for the sheer size of the forces against us. Once were got organized, we were able to coordinate our attacks and defenses and the dragon flew off once we had drawn enough of it’s blood.

We had barely enough time to bind our wounds when the second wave struck, more powerful than the first. Two dragons, one white and one black, accompanied this band. By this time, we were running short on resources, the strength needed to cast spells was fading. But, we had no choice but to expend those resources and pray for some respite. We eventually took them down, I had to be revived a few times from my wounds, but neither dragon escaped alive.

In the distance, we could hear the roar of more dragons on their way. Elyria and Sven chose two trees on the edge of the glade that we had camped in. They climbed them and prepared for the attack we knew was coming.

The third fight was even more grueling than the first two. The foes were the same, but we were so tired and our wounds were taking their tolls. I had run out of spells and had resorted to casting brave words of distain with what little energy I had. Unfortunately, my assistance wasn’t much. I spent most of the fight unconscious. I would get some healing, reviving me, only to take another wound which knocked me out again.

Pahlius wasn’t so lucky. Somewhere in my unconscious mind, I could hear his grunt of anguish and his last breath. I was powerless to help, but a part of me registered it.

The rest of the crew took down the last of the dragons and the cultists, which let me come back into the battle and help finish the fight. Now we need to get Pahlius returned from the dead.

Perhaps I was a little hasty dismissing the major keys as an option for my epic. While I’m writing this, I find that I’m improvising a tune in F# major. It’s something of an odd key, but cries out in joyous triumph over difficulty and the sighs of a soul that has won through to a difficult goal. While it may seem a little premature to assume that we will ultimately be successful in this endeavor, there is no harm in writing this in a consistent key that would be encouraging, is there?



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