Tyranny of Dragons

Old White Death

Session 21

== The Party ==
Azujhan Yarjrev – Dragonborn Monk
Elyria Wolfsbane – Wood Elf Ranger
Edward Grusk – Half-Orc Barbarian
Lucas Higgs (Bosun) – Tiefling Paladin
Sven Evenhand – Half-Elf Rogue

== The Story ==
This will be a longer entry so I will skip unimportant bits like the combat unless something of import happened.

Sven was waiting for us when we left the council chambers and got back to the rooms. We filled him in on the meeting and what choices we were given and what choices we made. Of course he questioned everything we did and said.

Regardless of the bickering we had decided to head north to investigate the Drac horn and the council had made arrangements for us to do that so the die was cast as they say. Sorry Sven.

Dala took us to a supply store to procure cold weather gear and gave us a little more information on the Drac horn. She also told us about a member of the Arcane Brotherhood named Macath the Crimson that had gone in search of the horn. She had kept in contact with the brotherhood until three years ago when all communication stopped and she seemingly disappeared. Apparently none of the magical attempts to locate Macath were able to find her. It seems they never actually sent anyone physically to her last know location to verify her death or disappearance.

After gathering our supplies Dala lead us to a long boat called FrostSkimmer and captained by Larusta Half-face. And yes the name is apparently literal, half his face being scarred by severe frostbite. Being a dragonborn cold is not my friends so I had already put on my clothing.

The trip itself was fairly uneventful. As was most of the exploration of the ice flows. We did encounter Merrow at one point when they tried to tip the boat. Several of us were thrown into the water but managed to get back aboard. The fight itself was standard with us quickly faining the upper hand. The most exciting part was when Edward ran from one end of the boat to the other to take down a merrow. Now, if you’ve never seen a barbarian run you are truly missing a sight. The single mindedness of the movement and the shear viciousness is typically enough to terrify anyone on the receiving end of that run. Anyone with half a brain anyway. But this time was special. Remember, we were in a boat. in the middle of the ocean. Surrounded by ice.

Each step was a massive impact and I expected his foot to drive straight through the planks at any point. They held however, showing the quality of the craftmanship of the boat. Edward did get one foot caught on one of the seats and he tumbled forward. However he never actually fell. He dropped to one knee, touched the bottom of the boat with a single hand and pushed off, never once losing momentum.

The merrow he was targeting saw this and began to slowly sink behind the edge of the boat back into the water. He didn’t move fast enough. As I looked around at the others I realized all of us had seen Edwards action and all were dumbfounded. It was a feat of extraordinary strength and one none of the rest of us could have likely matched.

Later, we beached the boat on an ice berg ad set up camp. Those of us who had fallen in need to get our clothes dried and quickly or suffer the same fate as Larustas face. And of course Skags (basically amphibious trolls) chose then to attack. Likely drawn to the earlier conflict with the merrow.

Again the fight went quickly, especially when we remembered that trolls regenerate if not killed by fire or killed while on fire. Afterward we rested (finally).

The next day we continued our search, finally finding the berg we were looking for after five long and boring days.

As we began to explore the berg we encountered the Ice Hunters that we had heard about, only they were a lot less friendly than we had been led to believe. After fetching one of the oarsmen from the boat that could translate for us we learned they wanted us to leave. They told us the dragon was dead, having been killed by ice giants. They refused to budge from their statements and insisted, repeatedly, that we leave. Even going so far as to surround us.

Finally we decided not to push it any farther, even though Sven really really wanted to investigate a giant hole in the ice. They let him look down the hold and he saw that the ice was unnaturally smooth. Our translator clued us in to the fact that every action the Hunters were taking was highly unusual. With that we managed to pull Sven away from the hole and made our way back down to the boat. The Hunters seemed content with this and didn’t follow us down. After some discussion it was decided that Edward would take one of the potions that turned you into a gaseous cloud and head down into the chasm Sven and looked into to see what was actually down there. He returned about an hour later and , after reverting to his normal form, told us that the Hunter known as Barking Seal, the one that had insisted that the white dragon was dead had lied. The caverns below were filled with kobolds and ice trolls and had every indication that a living dragon was still occupying them.

Sven and Elyria decided to stealth their way into the village to try to locate a way down to the caverns as Svens Hole was filled with shards of ice and jagged bits that would make descending that way nearly impossible. So in the morning we confronted the Hunters with the knowledge that they were lying. They resisted but ultimately relented and challenged us to a duel. One of us versus their champion. We win they tell us everything. We lose we leave the berg.

Of course Edward won. So they invited us to a banquet in which Barking Seal tried to poison us. Elyria realized this and when we confronted them Bonecarver, the shaman, took us aside and explained that the chieftain (Barking Seal) was only looking out for the tribe.

He explained that the dragon was in fact alive and threatened the village any time adventurers came near the ice berg they lived on. While we understood the reasonings the tactics were less than honorable. Bonecarver explained further that he would show us where the entrance to the caverns was but that we should expect those living below to be on guard for us.

Not like it’s the first time we walked into a trap.



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